Sky Grey and Blue Stripe

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Jacquard Woven
Hand Sewn
Double Tie Loops
Length: 59" Width: 3.75"
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The colors of this silk are what make it so special. You will appreciate the light model of it and how the stripes are accurately aligned, which gives the silk even more character and make anyoneís eyeballs to drop on it. It is eye-catching and, the same time, it doesnít feel that it is a thick tie. On a grey to white shirt it will appear even more interesting, as the colors will play together and will fusion, so it is an interesting effect to try.

This tie model can go very easy with any sweater also, as it is mad of quality handmade silk and he cut is well made, so there canít be questions about the tie finishing. You can combine successfully it either with a dark sweater with a V cut, or with a light or blue one, which all will look just great together with this striped thick silk tie.

The striped of this tie are in different texture, some come as dots, some as lines and this gives to the tie a line of uniqueness, it makes it feel interesting and gets it out of a monotony of stripes. This tie is definitely a must/have for dynamic persons, which are looking to have more than just a tie and are in constant move, with a dynamic lifestyle. It suggests that, even if it is classically striped, it somehow hides in it something that is different and still has to be discovered.

This tie can be a perfect gift either for you husband, your father or brother. It can be a very special gift, wrapping it and making it a gift. Your beloved man will like it for sure, because it is a very interesting tie and can be easily assorted with any other outfit that needs a piece of little more classy accessory. Below you can read a small review written by Jason Douek, a customer:

"I got this tie as a gift for myself and I love it. I have a collection of almost 100 ties, but I had to have this one since it matched a watch I ordered off of Amazon. This tie can be used with a variety of color combinations. It's well made, and looks great with or without a suit."

If you like this tie, and I think you do, because it is a classy thick silk tie that no one canít deny, then you can check its price by clicking the Buy button on this page. We are really sure that you have made a very good choice by opting for this item and no doubt it is a very good buy.

2011-04-07 12:44:07