Pink and Grey Stripes: a Thick Silk Tie + Cufflinks

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100% pure woven silk
Brand name: Y&G
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Size: Tie 58.2" 3.59"
Set includes: tie, cufflinks

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Another handsome and very stylish thick silk tie we want to introduce to you is in pink and grey tones. The combination of these two is a very successful one, since the both colors arenít too sharp and they donít contrast each other. Also, the silk glares, together with the reflections the grey gives under different angles of light, gives to this model a very big potential to be the ext hit of the season.

What we like at this smooth thick silk tie is its finishing, the fact that it is all handmade and it is made of quality silk, with correct cuts and nice shape. It will site firmly and symmetrically to your neck and will add a lot more of unexpectedness from your persona. If you have been wearing some different tones till now, than this pink tie might just come as a novelty and a new attitude to what you were wearing till now. This is the perfect tie to try something new ad o observe how people react when you introduce something new into your style.

If you were wearing interesting colors till now, you will find this tie very interesting and it has big chances of entering your top favorite ties in your wardrobe, as it combines the classic tie pattern (stripes from right to left under a 45 degrees angle), but it still is in pink on a grey background, while pink is still considered under many stereotypes as being a girlish color and not too suitable for a man. Let me not agree with these misconceptions and say that a pink tie, just as any other tie, will only add more personality to your personality and in no way will alter it, so wear it with confidence is my advice.

If you are a sister or a mother and you want to surprise your beloved man with a gift full of personality and very stylish, then you are in the right place. This thick silk tie is one of high quality handmade silk, that is very suitable to any outfit, be it a simple shirt, a sweater or a suite for special events or for day-by-day use. I can bet he will wear it with pleasure and heíll enjoy the young flair that it hides.

2011-04-07 14:27:48