Multicolor Floral Silk Tie

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100% Pure Silk Jacquard (Woven)
Tie Set is Hand Made
59" Length, 4.0" Width (at widest) round
Includes a set of perfectly matching cufflink and a handkerchief
Fine Neckwear at an Affordable Price

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This is a multicolor tie that looks very elegant and is a 100% silk, handmade and looks like a very expensive tie. What makes this tie original and more different than other neckties, are the reflections of it and the way the colors show their reflections, creating a very special effect. Even if it is a multicolor tie, and combines many nuances in it, it still doesn’t look too much stuffed and absolutely keeps the flair of a very light and classy tie.

This is the type of silk ties in which I find myself too, and I would recommend it to all those who feel free and young inside, ready to try some little extravagancies, that will get them out of the box and put them far from the classic stereotypes, from the ultra classic monochrome ties or contrasting ones.

From my point of view, it will suit either for a special event, where you have to go with a plus of classy look, or for a casual workday, where you just want to look good. It is not a secret that clothes make your day, and not only women want to feel good in their own clothes. This tie will add a lot to your style and will for sure attract some eyesight by your side, so be ready to use that minute of fame.

If you’re in search for a gift for your beloved man and you’re thinking that a tie would be a good option, than you have come to the right place. We have selected among a lot of models and added on our pages only the models that really deserve your attention and will look good on your man. You can take a look at the photo again and see that this is a very special tie. I see it mostly on a man with personality, that can stand his point, a man with good targets and who is very decided in his action, or an young adult, on who this tie will suite perfectly, no matter what’s his character is. As silk ties are a total hit this season and everyone is looking for a thick silk accessory, you have to hurry: this multicolor model is in a limited edition is running out of stocks pretty fast. If you’d like to check the actual price, please follow the buying link on this page and you will find out the exact price for this item.

Now, I would like to share a review with you, made by a customer who bought this floral thick silk tie, nicknamed Pinkcrystals:

"This is a beautiful tie and looks very much like the pictures where the suit is in the picture. The other pictures are close but a bit paler. This tie comes from overseas. I ordered 7 ties and it was the last to arrive, but still arrived in a timely manner. The only negative is that it comes all folded up in tight plastic which leaves bumps in the material which eventually fall out or you can help them along with an iron. The pictures look so elegant and the price is not cheap but when you get it the packaging makes it appear cheap....hence 4 stars and not 5. The tie itself does not look cheap. I would still purchase again."

If you like this floral silk tie, please order it now, while it is in stocks. I hope this review was informational for you and helped you with your decision. Please check the other models we have on this webpage and choose the tie model you think you like the most. But if I were to choose among other thick ties that are available now on the market, I would definitely go for a silk tie like this one: multicolor, made of quality silk and at an extraordinarily affordable price.

2011-04-08 17:29:32