Light Blue Berioni Silk Tie

More about this silk tie

100% Jacquard silk tie and pocket square set
100% Silk
Hand made in Italy
Matching necktie + Hanky
Approx. 3.75" Wide, 59" Long (standard regular length)
Hanky 10" x 10"

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I would like to introduce you a new tie model, which is slightly different of other models we are featuring on our website. This thick silk tie is a stripped light blue model, very well designed, that creates the impression of a very light and even narrow tie, while it is the same standard sizes as any other thick ties. It is known that light colors and nuances seem always to make the objects smaller, and this is the case with this tie. Fortunately, the designers took care of that and they have put a generous amount of high quality silk, so that this model looks good and stays for what it says it is: a thick silk necktie.

If you are looking for a tie for yourself, then this model may suit you very well, as blue is the color that is not too pretentious and can be worn combined wither with dark or with light nuances and have the same great looking impact. Accessories, like neckties, or cufflinks, or other men’s accessories, that are blue or light blue, always catch attention and look very nice.

If this is a gift for your father, brother or other beloved men, and you want to surprise him, then this tie will have that impact, for sure. It looks light and it is very pleasant to the eye. It has nice stripes that come from left to right, and are perfectly arranged, so that is showing a classy look and has an elegant flair. As you order this tie, it will be delivered in a few days and it will be in a gift box, which comes together with the tie, so it will be easier for you to wrap.

Your man will love this item – it is made of high quality silk, if you touch it, you feel it is thick and it is a quality product, the silk is richly embed and it shines very brightly and attracts the eyesight for sure. It, also, adds a plus of personality to your persona, it says about you that while you are an organized person, and you want in your life everything to be as exactly as possible, while there’s a liberal part in you, open to new experiments, the part in you that likes to experiment and to discover things. In my opinion, this thick silk tie is an excellent choice and you will be delighted with your choice.

2011-04-08 16:47:46