Green Pattern Thick Silk Tie

More about this silk tie

100% pure woven silk
Brand name: Y&G
With free gift box
Size: Tie - 58.2" x 3.5"
Hanky - 8.3" x 8.3"
Set including: tie, cufflinks, hanky

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This is a new tie model that is very original it is worn very successfully by both young and adult men, who are open to new things, are ready to experiment interesting patterns on their ties. This thick silk tie, of a high level of quality and entirely handmade, is the perfect choice for those looking to find a tie that will suit their day by day needs of being styled, or maybe an occasional need such as a wedding or an anniversary. The tie combines very well with both light and dark shirts and suits, it is not very pretentious with regard to the background nuances on your suite or shirt, so you can easily use it basically on different occasions and combined with different colors.

It comes together with a pair of same color cuff links and a hanky, which will add even more style to your entire combination. Also, the ties come into a special beautiful gift box, so that t can be the perfect present for Valentineís Day or Christmas or an anniversary. It can suit very well as just an occasional gift, to show your affection or reset the relations with someone gone far away. It is the best present you can make to a man and not be wrong about choosing the wrong size or the wrong color.

The tie is made entirely of natural silk, it is handmade and it is known that among all the fabrics produced at this moment, the silk is considered to be the softest and the most hypoallergic fabric available, so that it the very recommendable tissue especially if the men you are buying it for is allergic or has such problems.

Also, donít forget that the ties donít like to be left overnight untied, so take care that after putting it off carefully, to untie it and to roll it easily on your hand and to leave it so. By night it will let the wrinkles go and in the morning it will be like new again. Although the wrinkles arenít a problem with the silk, the stains are. Whatever small stain on a silk tie is a very big problem and probably, in most of cases, dooms your tie forever, unless you clean it a few times in a special cleaning service. It is totally not recommended to use any spots removing products, because you will only make the problem bigger and chemicals are very hard supported by the silk, so be aware of that.

Back to this green and beautiful tie with floral patterns: in my opinion, it is a very good choice for your beloved man. Whether you are trying to make a gift, or to buy it for you, if you are the one whoís planning wearing it, it is a very god choice and a very affordable one. If you are a dynamic person, that likes to make important steps and is not afraid of consequences, then this tie will definitely reflect your character on the silk. And this is why the ties are made for: to reflect the personality of those who are wearing them. No doubt it is a very good choice and the tie you will love to wear over and over again. You can check the price for this item, by clicking the buying link on this page.

2011-04-08 14:30:09