Golden Stripes Silk Tie: thick necktie, very attractive

More about this silk tie

100% pure woven silk
Brand name: Y&G
With free gift box
Size: Tie - 58.2" x 3.5"
Hanky - 8.3" x 8.3"
Set including: tie, cufflinks, hanky

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This is a very tempting buy, a red tie, which attracts attention and which will for sure look god with any occasion where you have to attract attention and be in the center of the view. You will like this silk tie because it is thick, because it is made of a very good and qualitative silk, which is cut manually and the silk is entirely handmade, so very is a very vigorous quality control, which makes this product a real pleasure to wear and, for sure, will be an acquisition no one will regret.

The most attractive in this tie are its stripes, diagonally disposed under a 45 degrees angle, and all made out of yellow golden silk, that creates a special smooth and light glow in contrast with the red background, which is very eye-catching and for sure will make all the sights to turn into your direction. This is the real meaning of a tie: to add more attention to your persona and to add more elegance to your outfit. This ties does its job perfectly and it will both grab more attention for you and will out yourself in value.

This silk tie can be easily combined with both classic suits and with a more casual sweater, with a V cut or not. It will look best on a dark shirt, but it can do its trick on a white background, too. Itís important just not to exaggerate with red colors (meaning, the shirt, the sweater or the suite, all of red or a nuance of it).

As you can see in the image, this trendy silk tie comes together with a pair of cufflinks and a generous hanky, that will add more style to your suite if you are planning to wear this tie with one. Also, the tie is delivered in a free gift, which will for sure add more style to your outfit and will make you look more solid in the eyes of your business partners, co-workers or colleagues.

If youíre in search of a trendy gift for a beloved man, whether it is for Valentineís Day or Christmas, or any other special anniversary, birthday present, etc., then you will find this tie as a very attractive option, as the pricing is affordable (click the buying button to check the price right now), and it looks great and has nothing of what will make anyone tell that this is not a styled tie and looks cheap. It doesnít, instead, it has a flair of a very chic and well made silk tie, that will make the perfect gift for your beloved man.

2011-04-08 16:05:50