Dark Blue Berioni: Woven Silk

More about this silk tie

100% Jacquard silk tie and pocket square set
100% Silk
Hand made in Italy
Matching necktie + Hanky
Approx. 3.75" Wide, 59" Long (standard regular length)
Hanky 10" x 10"

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We’d like to introduce you another model of ties, this time, it is a dark blue Berioni silk tie, handmade in Italy, with an exceptional high quality level and a very neat finishing. The tie’s diamond is perfectly designed and the entire necktie suits perfectly either for a daily use or for some special events, such as a wedding or corporate meeting, where you have to show your best.

First of all, the silk used in this tie is special, because it is accurately selected from the cocoons that make it naturally. The fibers are smooth and it gives the entire tie a special glow. Generally, the silk is considered to be the softest and the classier fiber that exists, and being grown naturally, it has some special properties that the synthetic fibers will never have.

This thick silk tie can be a very special present if you decide to give it someone on Valentine’s day, or Christmas, or whatever other event you think is appropriate. A tie will be always welcomed, as it is an accessory that you never have too many. Your beloved man will greatly appreciate your kind sin of affection and this silk necktie can become something that will... tie your relation even more.

Also, this dark blue model or any other dark color makes a very perfect tie for special events such as weddings. It may suit very well the groom or the groom’s father or whoever has a good taste at neckties, especially associating them with nice dark suits or V shaped sweaters. This thick tie can be a good gift and it can make a very good present, especially for those who use to wear ties every day. That will be an escape from their usual tie routine.

I’d also like to share with you a review written by a customer, Van Nguyen:

“My husband got this tie for our wedding. The print was subtle and perfect for what we were looking for. It was awesome that it came with a matching pocket square; it completed his wedding day look! The only thing that I would have preferred was for the tie to feel a little thicker. However, the thinness made it much easier to tie. Still waiting to see how it is after dry-cleaning.”

You can order one fast and at a very good price right from this site. Just click the buy button on this page and it will be delivered in no time to you. It also comes together with a very special accessory – a pocket square of the same color and pattern, that will add even more style to your outfit. Order your Dark Blue Thick Silk Tie right now!

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