Blue Florals Silk Tie: the perfect gift and a great thick tie

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100% pure woven silk
Brand name: Y&G
With free gift box
Size: Tie 58.2" 3.59"
Set includes: tie, cufflinks

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This tie is as elegant as any other tie that we have on our website, except the fact that it brings something new: a floral pattern that we donít meet too often in the tiesí design and that is avoided from my point of view. Floral silk ties seem to me as elegant and beautiful, as he striped ones. They bring more diversity and look classier if are assorted with a good suite or with a nice jacket.

What you might not like at the floral ties is their finishing, the way they are made and how the silk is worked out into the tie. Well, with this model, you donít have to think about that, because they guarantee a high quality product of original 100% silk, handmade, and all the ties are pass a quality control check so thereís no chance that you get a bad product.

Take a look at the floral pattern, it is a play between blue and grey, which is very interesting and the shine of the silk is always has the last to say in such ties, and in this particular case, the designers have made a very good selection, because they have put together two nuances that are sitting very well together and which are a successful combination that bring a nice and smooth flair to this tie.

This type of ties is never out of style and it will be probably one of your favorites for a long time, if you decide to buy it. It comes, also, together with 2 cuff links, in the same color and nuance as the tie, which will add more personality to your outfit and you will prove that details are important to you and you like to take care of each of them.

If you are fancying this tie and you want to make it either a Christmas gift or a Valentineís day present for your beloved man, or it is just a simple present, I can tell you that you have come with a very good idea, because ties, especially silk ones, are among the other few gifts that can make a man which is into wearing ties, a happy person and to add more to his personality. It is a way, also, of sending a message about how would you like to see him, a message sent through silk and unwritten words.

2011-04-07 15:03:46