Black and White Stripes Silk Thick Tie + Cufflinks

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100% pure woven silk
Brand name: Y&G
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Size: Tie 58.2" 3.59"
Set includes: tie, cufflinks

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You will like this thick silk tie because it is a model that looks exactly just like a striped tie should look like - solid and with a very high contrast between the lines. Because the silk is such a special fabric and everything that is mad out of silk looks just very smooth and says ďtouch meĒ, this tie isnít an exception. You will love how it reflects the light and how it is designed.

The blade is well cut and properly cut, the silk is oh a high quality and you will love the sensation of a thick tie, that stays solid at your neck and looks exactly just like a silk and thick tie should look like. ThereĎs no doubt you will love the model and the cut of this classic silk tie and you will enjoy wearing it.

Hereís what L. Kozak, a customer, says in his review:

"I was a bit leary to order something like this online, but I am quite impressed with the speed of the delivery, presentation of the tie and cufflinks, and though it hasn't been worn yet, the quality seems to be up there with any other brand I've purchased. The photo shows EXACTLY how the design looks...color and all."

This tie can make a very good present, too. It is an exceptional gift for its price, because it is cheaper than $25, yet it looks very classy. And being sold together with the cufflinks, it looks like a very good choice for a serious person, a person that respects the rules or is just good at what is he doing. This thick silk tie is a very good choice and for sure your husband, father, brother (if youíre buying it for a gift) will love it and will appreciate its classy design.

The cufflinks are in the same tone with the tie and respect the same stripes, so it will just even more style to your classy outfit. Ties are an accessory that seem to be at the first impression not so important for those who donít understand their real meaning, but you canít say it gives a general note to your dressing and it somehow sends a message about who you are. So, if you find you reflect you personality in a solid silk tie like this, then youíll do the right choice by buying it right now. Because of its classic and striped model, this tie model will always remain popular and will be appreciated by those who wear it. From our point of view this is a very high quality wearable silk tie model that is recommended to all classy men out there that want to add a little more character to their outfit.

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2011-04-07 11:28:23