100% Silk Woven Apple Paisley Tie

More about this silk tie

100% handmade silk
Stain resistant
58" long and 3 1/2" wide
Imported silk

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This is a piece of accessory that for sure will give you more heads turned into your direction and will make someoneís eyeballs concentrate on what neckties you have. Just try this model and you will observe you are gaining more and more confidence with you wearing models that are not too extravagant and that are some attention catchers.

Try this apple model if you are a confident person, which will have no problems in trying something new, if you are the type of person that will always be open to new ideas and ready to explore and break some rules, just to keep your point up.

Also, this silk thick tie makes a perfect gift for your dad, or brother, or whoever would be glad to try something new, a person who is always young and wild inside and who will have no problems in trying something new and interesting. The green tones are bringing some interesting and not so often seen nuances, that arenít used too much in the tiesí industry, so for sure with this model you get a quality product that will also look like a piece of designersí masterpiece, as it is not very often met and looks very interesting.

It is made 100% of silk and you will feel the quality once you touch it. It is a very soft fabric that is nice to wear and which makes a very good gift either for a family member or for a friend. Once you buy it you will feel the thick fabric and the nice blade it has on both sides. It is made according to all the tiesí design rules and you will feel that once you get it.

Once you buy it, please make sure you store it accordingly. You have to fold it smoothly on your hand and then put it to rest in a place where it wonít be under some pressure or in contact with other fabrics that could scratch the silk in time. Also, as a general rule, never store your silk ties with a knot on them, even for a night. You have to untie it each time in the same consecutiveness as you tied it.

We are confident you will love this silk thick tie and you will wear it with pleasure or it will make a perfect gift. Please order right now and get this tie now!

2011-04-07 11:05:20